2013 "Best Buddies" Photo Calendar fundraiser- benefits the AAFLC

Hellooo everyone and good morning ;-) Ok, well, I guess morning has passed by while I was editing and it’s afternoon already!! I have an important announcement to make!! Remember when I let you all know about an awesome organization called the American Association for lost children? (http://www.aaflc.org/)

Well the calendar we will have for sale to benefit this awesome organization is ALMOST finished. I still have just a couple of sessions yet to do for it, BUT since Christmas is coming very soon I have de
cided to start taking pre-orders. All profits will go directly to the organization. Since this is a fundraiser, we are taking orders now so that we can order them all in bulk and get them in all at once before Christmas!! We only have about a month to get the orders in so that you can all enjoy your new calendars before the holidays. If you want one of these awesome “best buddies” themed calendars featuring children and their doggies, please send an email to me on here, or at photosbytabi.fineartphoto.com and I will give you further instructions on how to reserve yours. They will be $25 and if you purchase one you will be enjoying beautiful photographs of adorable babies and puppies all year round, and you will be contributing to a fantastic cause!!!

Also, a big shout out to all of the volunteers contributing to making this calendar! ( I have yet to contact some of you, too!) I would love to provide you all with free calendars but since there are so many volunteers it would take away some of the profit for the organization, I hope you understand. HOWEVER- You will get FREE digital copies and printing rights to your photographs that were taken for your time!!

ONE MORE THING- If any of you would be so kind as to help out with this fundraiser, it would be GREATLY appreciated!!! If you are willing to volunteer to help sell, please contact me by email or phone. (724-762-7394) I can distribute order forms for you to take orders. Again, I thank you all for participating and hope we can raise as much money as possible to help keep this foundation on it’s feet!

ONLINE ORDERING WILL SOON BE AVAILABLE! We are working on putting up a link on the AAFLC page to order. Please click the donate button below to go to our facebook event page and stay up to date on when the calendars will be available for online ordering.


Here are some of the photos chosen so far to be a part of the calendar!! :-)










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